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Tuesday February 10,  2009

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Welcome to the first issue of the N4H Research Group Newsletter. Whether you are a member of the general public, a consumer, a student, a researcher or a seasoned healthcare professional there is something on for everyone wanting to access the latest and most up-to-date information, news and publications concerning the world of Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and so much more!

We have divided the information contained within our website into various sections based on the visitors’ existing level of knowledge and scientific background.

Nucleotides for All

This area of our website is for the people who want to find out more about Nucleotides and their increasing relationship to healthcare in general. If you are not a student of the sciences, or a healthcare professional you are probably better off starting here....Read More

Advanced Nucleotides

This section of the Nucleotides for Health website is specifically aimed at, and written for and by, people within the healthcare profession and the academic science fields. Here you’ll find a more advanced, scientific overview of nucleotides and their increasingly important place in relation to diet, nutrition and healthcare....Read More

Nucleotide News

This area of our website is for those visitors who want to keep up-to-date with all the latest nucleotide related developments. Including news on the latest scientific papers and research publications as they are released it will also keep you in the know about worldwide events, exhibitions and seminars relating to the world of Nucleotides...Read More

The publications are split into 4 sections to help you navigate to find what you want, there are section on nucleotides in:

If you come across interesting articles or publications in any of these areas which you would like to share with the N4H Research Group please email the editor at  info(at)  

The N4H Research Group

The N4H Research Group is a collective of scientists who were originally selected to conduct a science due diligence project for nucleotide research funded by the North West Development Agency. Part of the remit for this project was that the published research and information would eventually be posted on the web, to be available for all.

Although the science due diligence project is now complete we remain excited by the great potential of nucleotides. In the course of our work we have met with many of the research scientists currently working in the field of nucleotides and health and we feel we have their support in continuing to add to the knowledge base, which we hope to do well into the future!

Who are we

Dr Gordon Nelson

Gordon is a Biochemist specialising in microbiology and enzymology. He founded a drug delivery company Micap plc which developed products for intestinal drug delivery. He is now a technical business consultant specialising in bio-healthcare and has a particular interest in digestive health.

Dr Robert Verkerk

Robert is an internationally acclaimed expert in agricultural, environmental and health sustainability, environmental toxicology, nutritional science and risk assessment. During the course of his work over the last 24 years, he has focused on a diverse array of issues ranging from environmental protection, to reducing pesticide and synthetic chemical inputs in homes and in agriculture; from the development of new methodologies for the assessment of natural product safety through to sustainable healthcare systems.

Claire Loades BSc, RNutr

Claire graduated from Nottingham University with a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition. She has been Registered as a Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society since 2004 and has been an Associate member of British Dietetic Association since 2005.


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