Nucleotides in my Diet

What are the best foods to provide a good source of nucleotides?

It is thought that the best food sources of nucleotides are yeast extract, liver, meat, fish, and mushrooms for example. There needs to be more research in this area of diet and nutrition, so that we can have a more complete picture of how the body achieves its requirement for these important nutrients.

Do I need to supplement my diet?

This is a really exciting are of dietary research. Diets have change significantly over the years.  What our grandparents ate is very different to what we eat now. The stresses of modern life, combined with potential dietary deficiencies could help to explain for instance why certain digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are on the increase.

There is much more evidence now, see the clinical studies reported on this website, which leads us to believe that certain groups of people would benefit from supplementing their diet with nucleotides, particularly if they are unable to or unprepared to change their diets and or lifestyles.