Nucleotides featured in "Gut Reaction", the IBS Network magazine

April 2011

Dr Nick Read of the IBS Network (formerly the Gut Trust) has had to retract comments he made about IntestAid®IB ( in reference to its benefits regarding IBS symptoms.

He met, last month, with Dr Peter Koeppel the scientist who has done most of the development work on IntestAid®IB. Dr Koeppel assured Dr Read that studies in experimental animals had shown that the nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA) in IntestAid®IB are not only absorbed in the intestine but also restore the structure and function of the stressed intestine, and are now included in infant feeding formulas and enteral feeds. 

Professor Christine Dancey a founder of the IBS network was originally sceptical about nucleotides however after conducting a clinical study reported in GR 70 and GR 78 she changed her mind.

Professor Dancey said, in response to Dr Read's comments:

"Nick Read misrepresented our research in the following ways:

  1. He omitted to mention that there was also a statistically significant improvement in “a feeling of incomplete evacuation” or that when all the symptoms except constipation were examined, the differences were in the same direction, even though not all were significant.  
  2. This was a double blind randomised placebo controlled study, so that neither us nor the participants knew which condition they were in. The findings of this study are just as robust as those in drug trials and indicate that Intestaid IB did, in fact, make modest improvements in the symptoms of IBS in the majority of patients."

Dr Read in the latest issue of the Gut Reaction magazine, says:

"I apologise for any misleading comments, but clearly more research is needed to substantiate Dr Dancey's findings. Herein lies the rub; research is costly and only the largest pharmaceutical companies can afford the sort of studies needed to establish a product. Mr Cameron’s Big Society is all about promoting initiatives in the community. I wonder if there is a clinical scientist with IBS somewhere with sufficient motivation to organise such a study. The IBS Network would help design it and advertise for volunteers."

Prof. Christine Dancey has kindly given N4H users permission to directly download and read the full presentation for her IBS clinical trial, presented at the 2007 CAM Expo. The powerpoint presentation "Treating people with IBS" can be downloaded here and the commentary that refers to the presentation can be downloaded here.

Prof. Dancey’s published clinical paper:

“Dancey et al. Nucleotide supplementation: A randomised double blind placebo controlled trial of IntestAid®IB in people with irritable bowel syndrome. Nutrition journal 2006, 5:16.” 

can be accessed via the Nutritional journal site by clicking here.


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New Additions to the Site

March, 2011

This month we have added some short sections on Nucleotides and Infants, Nucleotides and Intestinal Health and Nucleotides and Immunity.

If anyone has more to add please drop me an email on gnelson(at) .

Thanks again to everyone who gets in touch, for whatever reason. Interaction and knowledge-sharing was always a big part of the idea behind Nucleotides for Health in the hope that more research and investigation is conducted into the subject. A list of the papers that have been added in recent weeks appear below:


Gastrointestinal Publications:

Christofi, F. L. Purinergic receptors and gastrointestinal secretomotor function Purinergic Signalling (2008) 4:213–236

Kimura,Y., Turner, J. R., Braasch,D. A. and Buddington R. K., Lumenal adenosine and AMP rapidly increase glucose transport. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 289: G1007–G1014, 2005


Nutritional Publications:

Evans M. E., Tian, J., Gu, L. H., Jones D. P., and Ziegler, T. R. Dietary Supplementation With Orotate and Uracil Increases Adaptive Growth of Jejunal Mucosa After Massive Small Bowel Resection in Rats. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Vol. 29, No. 5, 315-321 (2005)

Michaelidoua A. and Steijns J. Nutritional and technological aspects of minor bioactive components in milk and whey: Growth factors, vitamins and nucleotides. International Dairy Journal, Volume 16, Issue 11, November 2006, Pages 1421-1426

Perez, M. J., Sanchez-Medina, F., Torres, M., Gil, A. and Suarez, A. Dietary Nucleotides Enhance the Liver Redox State and Protein Synthesis in Cirrhotic Rats. J. Nutr. 134: 2504–2508, 2004.

Rodríguez-Serrano F, Ríos A, Marchal JA, Caba O, Martínez-Amat A, Prados J, Melguizo C, Ortiz R, Perán M, Boulaiz H, Vélez C, Alvarez P, Aránega A. Differentiation of Intestinal Epithelial Cells Mediated by Cell Confluence and/or Exogenous Nucleoside Supplementation. Cells Tissues Organs. 2010 Jan 14.

Added to the N4H Database 19/02/2010

A full list of papers can be found on our publications pages.

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